Press Brake Department

Employing the use of multi-axis CNC press brakes, ACC provides their customers a superior product that can be replicated on high production runs.

With press brakes ranging in sizes up to 10’ and 120 tons as well as a large library of tooling we can meet your forming needs. Our Press Brake Deparment features:

  • Minimal set-up times
  • Multi-axis back stops allows for forming of odd shaped parts with multi bends and different bend angles
  • Parts can be programmed and saved for repeat orders or process tweaks to ensure consistent parts
  • 2X Cincinnati Pro Form 60 PF, 5’ x 60 ton, 3 axis
  • 1X Cincinnati Pro Form 90-350, 10’ x 120 ton, 3 axis
  • 1X Trumpf TruBend 7036, 40” x 40 ton, 6 axis
  • 1X Safan Darley E-Brake, 40” x 40 Ton, 5 axis

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